“Outside the Box” SD and USB Drives

August 17, 2021 // By eeNews Europe
“Outside the Box” SD and USB Drives
RUGGEDrive tokens provide USB stick or SD card functionality in a more robust/secure form factor. Win a dev kit.

RUGGEDrive memory tokens provide USB stick or SD card functionality in a non-standard/proprietary form-factor. They are ideal for embedded applications that call for a USB flash drive or an SD card but would not be served by using a standard consumer or industrial USB stick or SD card.  RUGGEDrive memory tokens feature:
⦁    Solid over-molded construction
⦁    Redundant, high cycle-life contacts
⦁    Proprietary physical interface / standard electrical interface
⦁    IP-rated, high cycle-life receptacles with robust contacts
⦁    Adapters (controlled availability) to convert to a standard USB connector
⦁    Special read-only adapters

Embedded systems that utilize a RUGGEDrive removable memory system benefit from:
⦁    Protection from malware
Replacing an SD card or USB port with a RUGGEDrive receptacle that accepts only Datakey tokens prevents SD/USB devices with malware from plugging in.
⦁    Reduced risk of theft
Unlike standard USB sticks and SD cards, there is no incentive to steal a RUGGEDrive token.
⦁    Limited support and testing
No need to test and support every USB stick and SD card from the past, present and future, as none of them fit.
⦁    Increased ruggedness
Both RUGGEDrive tokens and receptacles are more robust than consumer SD and USB devices and connectors, providing reliable operation in challenging environments.

Register to win a Datakey RUGGEDrive development kit that includes two memory tokens (choose from SD or USB), receptacle samples, and a PC adapter.

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