Upgraded BrainChip Studio adds API for easy integration

April 06, 2018 //By
Upgraded BrainChip Studio adds API for easy integration
The latest release of BrainChip Studio, version 2018.1, makes it easier to find objects from a variety of views, enables large-scale Linux deployments and adds an API.

BrainChip Studio 2018.1 has the ability to auto-generate rotated models. The software’s one-shot object training creates a spiking neural network model of an object in its initial captured orientation. The new auto-rotation feature allows the software to automatically create multiple rotated models, improving the ability to locate the object in other camera views.

The addition of Linux-support also has the benefit of providing a 10% improvement in the performance of the software.

The 2018.1 release also has a version of BrainChip Studio that can be controlled with an API-level interface. This enables BrainChip Studio functionality to be integrated into third party applications, and allows it to be re-sold by OEM customers or integrated into cloud-based SaaS frameworks.

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