Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier from Microchip

January 21, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga
Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier from Microchip
Zero-drift drift in your Operational Amplifier design?

As a designer you know you are not alone! You work environment is inhabited with all sorts of noises and disturbing signals. If that is the case in your lab, how will that be in the real-world? How can you design with a minimal drift in your Operational Amplifier design?

Microchip to the rescue. The company is announcing the MCP6V51 zero-drift Operational Amplifier. The new device provides ultra-high-precision measurement while minimising the increasing influence of high-frequency interference by offering a wide operating range and on-chip electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters. The growth of industrial control and factory automation has led to an uptick in the number of sensors that need to be monitored, and the MCP6V51 amplifier is designed to provide accurate, stable data from a variety of sensors. The self-correcting zero-drift architecture of the MCP6V51 enables ultra-high Direct Current (DC) precision, providing a maximum offset of ±15 microvolts (µV) and only ±36 nanovolts per degree Celsius (nV/°C) of maximum offset drift. Ideal for applications such as factory automation, process control and building automation, the MCP6V51 also supports an extremely wide operating voltage range, from 4.5V to 45V. Programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems utilized within industrial automation run on a variety of voltage rails, such as 12V, 24V and 36V. The MCP6V51 offers the flexibility to support a wide range of supply voltages and includes overhead to account for supply transients by supporting an operating range up to 45V.

Find the data sheet here: Data sheet:

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