X-Ware IoT platform supports Microchip SAM L11 MCUs

September 21, 2018 //By Ally Winning
X-Ware IoT platform supports Microchip SAM L11 MCUs
Express Logic’s X-Ware IoT Platform can now support the TrustZone for ARMv8-M technology-based Microchip SAM L11 microcontrollers.

The combination of ARM TrustZone technology for ARMv8-M and Express Logic’s X-Ware IoT Platform provides new levels of security for their IoT devices. The ARMv8-M architecture enables the ThreadX RTOS to partition the application into trusted and non-trusted memory regions. Application code in a non-trusted region is confined to that region and prevented from accessing any other region including the trusted region containing ThreadX. ThreadX for ARMv8-M is able to create and schedule multiple threads for both trusted and non-trusted regions. Application code running in the non-trusted regions can access the full ThreadX API, with the approval of the application’s trusted code. The trusted application can disable any ThreadX API from access by non-trusted code.

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