Winbond, Renesas accelerate building of embedded AI

July 07, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Winbond, Renesas accelerate building of embedded AI
Combining HyperRAM™ and SpiStack® (NOR+NAND) from Winbond with the RZ/A2M MPUsd from Renesas supports compute-intensive AI workloads.

Winbond Electronics Corporation has announced that its HyperRAM™ and SpiStack® (NOR+NAND) can be operated with Renesas’ RZ/A2M Arm®-based microprocessors (MPUs) to support compute-intensive emebdded AI and imaging workloads. Customers of the RZ/A2M can benefit from Winbond’s long-term supply for various types of external memory, including DRAM, NOR Flash, and NAND Flash which are currently the mainstream of embedded systems.

The RZ/A2M is suitable for Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications, especially HMI applications with cameras. It supports the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI), a camera interface that is widely used in mobile devices, and is equipped with a dynamically reconfigurable processor (DRP) for high-speed image processing. The RZ/A2M also features two Ethernet channels and it can enhance security functions with a cryptographic hardware accelerator. Thus, the RZ/A2M provides safe and secure high-speed network connection which can be used for image recognition in broad system applications, from consumer electronics to industrial equipment.

Winbond HyperRAM is ideal for embedded AI and image processing for classification, in which the electronics circuit needs to be made as small as possible, while providing sufficient storage and data bandwidth to support compute-intensive workloads such as image recognition, and SpiStack, on the other hand, gives designers the flexibility to store code in the NOR die and data in the NAND die with smallest form-factor.  

The image shows an example of a system configuration for embedded-AI, combining Winbond HyperRAM and SpiStack with Renesas RZ/A2M, where:

  • Winbond HyperRAM can be used as a working memory, which is more suitable for embedded AI and image processing on AIoT device.
  • Winbond SpiStack (NOR+NAND) store the boot code and application code for the RZ/A2M on the NOR side. Multiple large-sized data such as learning data for embedded AI and camera images can be stored on the NAND side.
  • Renesas RZ/A2M executes high-speed processing of embedded AI imaging application using MIPI camera and DRP.

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