10 Gbps USB Type-C and DisplayPort linear ReDrivers

May 13, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
10 Gbps USB Type-C and DisplayPort linear ReDrivers
ReDrivers deliver enhanced signal integrity performance, low-power operation and support for data rates of 10 Gbps per channel.

Diodes Incorporated has strengthened its position in the linear ReDriver™ IC market with the introduction of the 1.8-V PI2DPX1066, PI2DPX1217, and PI2DPX1263. Suited for a range of applications including notebook and desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, docking stations, gaming consoles, monitors, and virtual reality equipment, these ReDrivers use a lower level supply voltage and draw less power than competing products. They address the growing need within the consumer electronics, computing, and communications sectors for USB Type-C® and DisplayPort™ 2.0 (DP2.0) ReDrivers.

The PI2DPX1066 and PI2DPX1217 are power-efficient, 1.8-V-rated 4-to-4 channel configuration ReDrivers for USB Type-C implementation and can support data rates of 10 Gbps per channel. Both devices feature 4 different modes – namely, SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps, SuperSpeed USB 20 Gbps, SuperSpeed USB 10-Gbps/2-lane DP1.4/DP2.0 (UHBR10), and 4-lane DP1.4/DP2.0 (UHBR10).

Configuration of these USB Type-C ReDrivers is done via their respective I2C interfaces. This results in the option to choose between 16 different equalizer settings and 4 different flat gain settings. These protocol-agnostic devices are transparent to channel link training and exhibit latencies below 300ps, and achieve industry-leading signal integrity parameters within the domain of linear ReDrivers. The PI2DPX1066 powers up in a high-impedance safe state for notebook PC applications, while the PI2DPX1217 reverts to a default USB bypass state when powering up, as needed in smartphone applications.

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