UK designer wins Bluetooth Unleashed design challenge

August 09, 2018 //By Ally Winning
UK designer wins Bluetooth Unleashed design challenge has announced the results of the company's “Bluetooth Unleashed” Design Challenge

The winning entries included a smart doorbell, enhanced exercise bike and a device to improve room ambiance. 20 community members were asked to design a prototype using a designated Bluetooth development board.

The three winners were:

First Prize – Shabaz Yousaf from the UK who designed a smart doorbell using the Texas Instruments CC2640R2 LaunchPad board, custom PCBs and Bluetooth Low Energy. The project video can be seen here

Runner-up – Yuri Tikhonov from Russia designed a Smart Exercise Bike Computer with the NXP FRDM-KW41Z.

3rd Prize – Sakthivigneshwar R from India build an AAPSAD (Adaptive Ambiance for People with Stress and Depression) device featuring facial recognition. If the device detects that someone is upset, it disperses aromatherapy, plays a soothing image and changes the lighting.

Nine other candidates received a “finisher prize pack” for successfully completing the 11-week build challenge.

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