Three-in-one Discovery Kit allows STM8 MCU experimentation

January 30, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Three-in-one Discovery Kit allows STM8 MCU experimentation
STMicroelectronics’ STM8-SO8-DISCO 8-bit MCU Discovery Kit allows the evaluation of all three 8-pin SO8 packaged STM8 variants for under $10.

The kit is designed to be simple to use and allow developers to jump-start development. A single button and indicator LED allow interaction with the board, and the embedded STLINK/V2 and USB port provide links for in-circuit debugging and programming. The MCUs are situated on individual break-offs that can be separated from the main board as pluggable DIL-8 modules.

The three MCUs are the STM8S001J3M3, STM8L001J3M3, and STM8L050J3M3. The STM8S001J3M3 provides affordable performance with advanced 16-bit timers with three comparator outputs, three capture-compare channels, a 10-bit ADC, and an 8-bit timer. The ultra-low-power STM8L001J3M3 consumes just 0.3µA in Halt mode and integrates 8- and 16-bit timers and two comparators. Also using ultra-low-power technology, the STM8L050J3M3 adds a 12-bit ADC and 4-channel DMA controller.

All three MCUs have an STM8 core running at 16MHz, and 8Kbyte on-chip Flash. System-control features include watchdog and clock control, and communication interfaces that include UART, SPI, and Fast I2C.

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