Take PolarFire FPGA and RISC-V, just add Linux and your new development platform is ready

December 05, 2018 // By Wisse Hettinga
Microchip demonstrates at RISC-V Summit 2018 the size, power and performance of integrating PolarFire SoC's with a RISC-V based CPU Subsystem.

As a developer you are facing a constant battle with power levels, security and reliability. To overcome these issues, Microchip technology is offering you a new platform based on the PolarFire FPGA architecture in combination with the a microprocessor subsystem based on the royalty-free RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture. The new SoC platform, together 2 MB L2 memory subsystem (configurable as cache, scratchpad or direct access memory) will allow developers to create real-time Linux embedded applications.

Development tools

You can evaluate and begin designing with PolarFire SoC today using the antmicro Renode™ system modelling platform, which is now integrated with Microchip's SoftConsole integrated design environment (IDE) for embedded designs targeting PolarFire SoCs. A PolarFire SoC development kit is also available now, consisting of the PolarFire FPGA-enabled HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board and SiFive's HiFive Unleashed Development Board with its RISC-V microprocessor subsystem. For more information, visit www.microsemi.com/polarfiresoc.

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