Survey finds UK developers highest paid in Europe

February 17, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Survey finds UK developers highest paid in Europe
UK software developers are the highest paid in Europe and third highest in the world, according to research by software developer recruitment platform CodinGame.

CodinGame (Montpellier, France) asked "close to 15,000 " developers in more than 134 countries their annual salary and created a ranking of the ten top paying countries. The company is a provider of online competitive coding challenges that are used as the basis for technical recruiting and candidate assessment.

Top ten countries by average software engineers' annual salary in 2021. Source: CodinGame.

On average UK developers earn $64,315 per annum (about £46,200), just ahead of those in the Netherlands and Germany. Developer salaries almost 23 percent highers than the average developer salary in France and more than double that in the Ukraine. But UK salaries also come in about 30 percent behind the US, the top-payer for software talent globally, CodinGame notes.

Coders in India are the lowest paid in the world with an average annual salary of $20,750, only just behind Brazil at $21,243.

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