Startup uses UWB technology to manage social distancing

June 02, 2020 // By Julien Happich
A developer of ultra-wideband (UWB) solutions, Pozyx is working on solutions that make social distancing easier to manage for companies.

Its solutions alert employees when they are too close to each other, but offer even more options when integrated with the Pozyx UWB infrastructure. It allows companies to track the history of users, create maps for smart disinfection, and even prevent crowds and bottlenecks.

The Ghent-based startup started hardware and software development using UWB, ultra-wideband technology, in 2015. With its technology, it is now able to implement highly accurate positioning up to 10cm, making it on average 10-50 times more accurate than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Social distancing requires people to keep at least 1.5m of distance between each other. That’s why neither Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth are precise solutions: the margin of error falls outside the range.

Pozyx leveraged its hardware, software, and analytics expertise to develop additional wearable solutions for social distancing. A stand-alone version notifies users when they are too close to each other with a sound alert or a light. A version that integrates with the Pozyx UWB infrastructure offers an advanced system that tracks a user's history and provides fine-grained analytics. It allows companies to see a heatmap of employee activity and their specific contact record. Both solutions are specifically designed to get companies safely up and running in no time.

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