Solid State Supplies signs up SMART Modular Technologies

June 12, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Solid State Supplies signs up SMART Modular Technologies
Solid State Supplies can now offer SMART Modular Technologies’ range of memory products to guarantee a long-term solution for users of DDR3 memory modules.

Some memory suppliers have recently announced the discontinuation of DDR3 modules, which could interrupt the supply chain and force customers to redesign their products.


Solid State has signed up SMART to offer fully equivalent DDR3 modules that will ensure the long-term availability of DDR3 memory products. The partnership is especially important for customers in areas that need a guarantee of long-term supply and support for all products.


SMART uses memory ICs from respected manufacturers in its modules modules. High quality levels are accomplished through a rigorous test regime and burn in for all modules.


Solid State Supplies have built a cross-reference list for OEMs to quickly choose a replacement module. More in-depth information is available from the company’s technical support.


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