Smart speaker development platform leverages AI

March 26, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Qualcomm QSC400 SoC smart audio AI speaker
Qualcomm (San Diego, CA) has launched new AI-enabled highly integrated SoCs and a dedicated smart speaker development platform.

Built to deliver evolved premium audio experiences throughout the home, the QCS400 SoC series , says the company, help deliver highly optimized, AI-enabled solutions that are designed for smarter audio and IoT applications. They integrate high-performance processing, the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI Engine), connectivity, and multiple advanced audio and visual display capabilities in a single, power-optimized chip architecture.

In addition, says the company, for users of smart speakers, the SoCs support a more robust voice assistant experience with faster, smarter voice UI, even in noisy environments compared to the company's previous SoCs. Features include AI-based local automatic speech recognition, low-power, multi-keyword far-field voice pickup with beam-forming and echo cancellation, and support for cloud-based voice assistants.

"These new SoCs raise the bar on both feature integration and power performance for smart audio compared to our previous technology," says Rahul Patel, senior vice president and general manager, connectivity, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "This will help manufactures to more easily overcome significant technical challenges and build smarter speakers and assistants with more intuitive voice UI, connected user experiences and exceptional sound quality.

"The next generation of smart audio products must be robust, highly interoperable, feature-rich, and smart, yet extremely power efficient. Qualcomm Technologies helps to meet these needs with our new SoCs, which are unique and comprehensively integrated to combine enhanced compute, AI acceleration, and low-latency audio distribution in a single chipset. These integrated solutions are designed to reduce development time of next-generation smart speakers, home assistants, and soundbars.”

Key features of the QCS400 SoC Series are offered as the following:

  • Highly-integrated, yet flexible, single-chip architecture - with the Qualcomm AI Engine, dual DSPs and up to four processor cores, engineered specifically for audio applications and designed to deliver substantial power efficiencies, performance improvements and flexibility for advanced feature innovation.
  • On-board connectivity - industry-leading Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Support for Qualcomm aptX Adaptive designed to deliver low-latency audio streaming in the room or throughout the

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