Silicone rubber enables innovative haptic interfaces

July 19, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Silicone rubber enables innovative haptic interfaces
General Silicones Compo-SiL® silicon rubber technology brings superior haptic perception to touch sensors and smart control panels.

Experienced silicone product manufacturer General Silicones (GS) has announced that its Compo-SiL® technology is being successfully used by Taiwan touch switch provider COCHIEF to create new and innovative haptic interfaces requiring touch sensor controls.

With the ongoing AI and IoT revolution, the integration of human-machine interfaces is set to expand beyond consumer electronic products to products and devices as various as automotive dashboards to provide new means of interaction and control.

Current solutions either use glass surfaces or acrylic materials as surface material. Both materials give uses a hard and dry tactile feedback. Silicone rubber, on the other hand, provides a superior haptic feel.

The patented Compo-SiL® technology of General Silicones provides COCHIEF several advantages that previously used materials for its touch sensors can't deliver. General Silicones can modify the surface properties of silicone rubber. The material has a soft touch and feel, can provide different friction levels, and embossments can mimic surface patterns of other materials such as leather. Combined with the ability to make the silicone semi-transparent and the use of standard adhesion procedures, the Compo-SiL® silicone rubber opens new pathways for improved haptic human-machine interaction.

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