Silicon Labs expands Bluetooth LE portfolio

September 10, 2020 // By Ally Winning
Silicon Labs is expanding its portfolio of RF performance Bluetooth Low Energy solutions for IoT developers.
Silicon Labs is expanding its portfolio of RF performance Bluetooth Low Energy solutions for IoT developers.

The company has launched the BGM220S, one of the world’s smallest Bluetooth SiPs at only 6x6 mm. The BGM220S is a low-cost, long battery life SiP module that allows Bluetooth connectivity to be added to very small products. As well as the BGM220S, Silicon Labs also launched its BGM220P, a slightly larger PCB variant that has been optimised for wireless performance and a better link budget for greater range. BGM220S and BGM220P support Bluetooth Direction Finding, and can provide up to a ten-year battery life from a single coin cell.

The company also expanded its NCP portfolio with new Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 pre-certified PCB and SiP modules that will launch at the end of this month. BGX220 UART to Bluetooth Low Energy bridge modules will provide secure, Bluetooth Low Energy connected products. Like the BGM220, the Bluetooth Xpress BGX220 offers a certified hardware platform that cuts code development time and cost by implementing the stack up to a simple API that can be used with an external MCU.

Matt Johnson, senior vice president of IoT at Silicon Labs said, “Over the years, Silicon Labs has established a proven track record of success across a wide range of IoT wireless areas including Mesh, Multiprotocol, Proprietary, Thread, Zigbee and Z-Wave, to name a few. We are now focusing our wireless expertise to also establish leadership in the Bluetooth Low Energy space and we have seen excellent market reception for our Secure Bluetooth 5.2 SoCs. The BG22, launched in January, is experiencing among the highest levels of product adoption and opportunity pipeline growth we have ever seen, with a wide range of applications in consumer, medical and smart home products.”

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