Series of robotic dogs demonstrated

June 03, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Series of robotic dogs demonstrated
The robotic dogs exhibited their abilities at advanced movement control and intelligent environmental perception.

At the 2021 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (IEEE ICRA 2021), DEEP Robotics has demonstrated their smart quadruped robotic dogs, Jueying Pro, Jueying, Jueying Mini and Jueying Mini Lite. At the event, which took place at Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center, the robot maker displayed its cutting-edge technologies to leaders in the robotics, AI, and automation sectors.

Through fun and amusing interactions that drew the interest of passers-by, the company's latest lineup of robotic dogs demonstrated their abilities at advanced movement control and intelligent environmental perception. Several of the products triggered heated discussions among peers and audiences.

In the long run, Jueying may become a carrier connecting the virtual and real world. Using its perceptivity, mobility and interactivity, combined with Big Data and collaborative Internet/Cloud services, Jueying could engaged in real world scenarios such as smart security, infrastructure inspection, transportation as well as the education and research realms.

Jueying is a robot dog created for B2B industry applications that organically integrates superior sports ability, complex terrain adaptability and other module functions through inclusion of a series of modules, which are designed for specific scenario applications.

Jueying Mini and Jueying Mini Lite are general-use and agile robotic dogs with speech interaction, autonomous positioning, map construction, autonomous navigation and real-time obstacle avoidance capabilities in addition to the ability to follow a designated person on command.

DEEP Robotics, founded in 2017, owns multiple patents in the core parts and system development of smart quadruped robots, advanced motion control algorithms, smart environmental perception, and related areas. The name Jueying was selected to epitomize the famous horse in China's ancient Three Kingdoms period.

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