Security system detects weapons without impacting transit flow

May 03, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Security system detects weapons without impacting transit flow
Lightweight, portable screening security system quickly and automatically screens without the need to divest purses, backpacks and luggage

CEIA USA, Ltd., a provider of security screening equipment, has announced OPENGATE™, the new generation of weapons detection system characterized by an open structure that quickly provides automatic and unprecedented screening of people with purses, backpacks and luggage for mass casualty shooting weapons detection. Weighing only 25 pounds, its lightweight, portable design installs in less than 1 minute with simple turn on and go operation. This fast, easy setup requires no setting and assembly of mechanical and electrical parts, including no mechanical or electrical connection in its passageway, therefore there are no cords or obstacles between its two pillars to step or trip over.

OPENGATE provides a near-zero low nuisance alarm rate on personal, non-threat items compared with any other detection system available today. It is designed to prevent the access of mass casualty shooting weapons in protected areas with minimum or no impact on the checkpoint transit flow and throughout. This very high transit rate and extreme threat item discrimination allows the inspection of people, along with their personal items and carry-on bags with zero or minimum waiting time and secondary screening costs. With OPENGATE, individuals can go ahead and keep their bags on them since there is no need for the divestiture of non-threat items such as cell phones, tablets, metal water/beverage/sunscreen bottles, cases, tobacco tins, and more.

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