Secure timing integrity for GPS-denied environments

September 25, 2018 // By Ally Winning
The BlueSky GNSS Firewall from Microsemi will enable critical infrastructure providers to harden their operational security against GPS threats, such as jamming, spoofing and complete outage.

The security-hardened system also supports a range of precision timing technologies, including atomic clocks, to allow continuous operation when GPS may be completely denied for extended periods. The additional introduction of a BlueSky option to Microsemi’s TimePictra software management suite provides centralised control and visibility of GPS reception across regional, national and global geographic areas.

The BlueSky GNSS Firewall analyzes the incoming GPS signal in real time to detect a wide range of threats before connected GPS receivers and related systems are affected. The GNSS Firewall incorporates an optional internal rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) for continuous output of the GPS signal to the downstream GPS receiver in case of complete loss of live sky GPS reception. Alternatively, Microsemi’s cesium clocks, such as the 5071A or TimeCesium 4400/4500, can be connected to the device, enabling UTC traceable time for more than 30 days.

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