Secure element From NXP employs Intrinsic-ID's PUF technology

November 16, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
Secure element From NXP employs Intrinsic-ID's PUF technology
Intrinsic-ID has disclosed that its SRAM physical unclonable functions technology is being deployed in NXP's recently-announced SmartMX2 P60 Step-Up! Secure Element, enabling provision of Secure authentication and confidential data exchange; the combination is employed to, for example, protect personal payment data and eGovernment Services against identity theft.

NXP's SmartMX2 P60 Step-Up! Is a secure microcontroller, that provides applications with enhanced security. Intrinsic-ID's SRAM PUF is able to extract unique identities from SRAM to use as the root of security for the SmartMX2 microcontroller.


"Intrinsic-ID's SRAM PUF anti-cloning technology provides IDs even more unique than human fingerprints to secure smart cards for applications such as ePassports, eID cards, driving licenses, health cards, payment cards and embedded security," said Pim Tuyls, CEO of Intrinsic-ID. "The wide availability of the SmartMX2 microcontroller helps ensure security around the world with high-grade PUF-based security."


SmartMX2 P60 Step-Up!, NXP’s latest SmartMX2 generation device, builds on its IntegralSecurity architecture and includes a series of new security enhancements:


- PUF support to secure the keys against new attack scenarios via unique “silicon fingerprint” with each single circuit

- Hardware-support for dedicated cryptography in certain regions: SEED (Korea), OSSCA (China)

- End-to-end encryption, AES and DES coprocessors for high resistance to side-channel attacks

- A Development Tool kit, SmartICE, based on a true Bondout Chip with identical-to-product hardware for a safe and application-compliant implementation with full planning reliability

- Soft Masking Device for early functional prototypes based on identical-to-product hardware to reduce the development cycle time via an approved physical reference instance

- Full quota of SmartMX2 security features, including NXP-patented SecureFetch and GlueLogic for optimum relief of operation system countermeasures and safe and fast composite certifications and approvals.


The new SmartMX2 platform also received comprehensive 3rd party recognition:

- Common Criteria EAL6+ certificate (EAL 5+ with MIFARE and/or DESFire EV1 inclusion)

- EMVCo Approval

- UL Letter of Conformance for MIFARE functionality


SmartMX is deployed in contact, contactless and dual interface [card] applications with over 6 billion IC´s sold. NXP says its SmartMX products are also the core component in a variety of digital identity schemes and are deployed in close to 120 out of 145 countries implementing e-government programs.

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