Safety-critical MEMs sensor has patented self-test function

May 28, 2020 // By Ally Winning
Safety-critical MEMs sensor has patented self-test function
Murata has launched a new single package MEMs 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom) inertial sensor that is intended for safety-critical automotive applications.

The SCHA600 sensor has been developed to provide outstanding performance for ADAS and AD (automated driving) applications. The device features centimetre-level accuracy for vehicle dynamics and position, to help guarantee safe autonomous driving.

The sensor is available in a single package. The 6DoF component has been qualified to the AEC-Q100 standard and is also compliant to ASIL-D level – the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level. It provides advanced self-diagnostic features and has an Allan variance down to 0.9 °/h at room temperature and gyro RMS noise level below 0.007°/s providing bias stability and immunity from noise in automotive applications. Murata calibrates the orthogonality of the measurement axis, saving development time and money.

As it is intended for safety-critical applications, the SCHA600 series device features extensive failsafe functions and error bits for diagnostics including internal reference signal monitoring, checksum techniques for verifying communication, and signal saturation/over range detection. The device’s component-level dynamic cross-axis calibration allows better than 0.3° cross axis error over temperature.

The 3-axis accelerometer also has a continuously operating self-test function that monitors the sensor during measurement. The patented self-test function verifies the operation of the entire signal chain from the MEMS sensor movement to signal conditioning circuitry on each measurement cycle.

The SCHA600 sensor is supplied in a SOIC housing measuring only 18.7 mm x 8.5 mm x 4.5 mm (L × W × H) with 32 pins and features an operating temperature range of −40°C - +110°C.

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