RX72N Envision Kit offers easier HMI development

August 31, 2020 // By Ally Winning
RS Components is now stocking the Renesas’ RX72N Envision Kit, which has been optimised for IoT applications that need a GUI.
RS Components is now stocking the Renesas’ RX72N Envision Kit, which has been optimised for IoT applications that need a GUI.

The RX72N Envision Kit is an integrated platform with a WQVGA LCD that features capacitive touch-sensing, allowing developers to quickly develop HMIs for IoT applications.

The kit is based around the RX72N 32-bit MCU, the highest-performance member of Renesas' RX MCU family. The RX72N MCU features the third-generation RX CPU core, the RXv3, which was developed to offer better performance and quicker interrupt response. It also features hardware accelerators for trigonometric calculations that make motor control applications faster. It has an integrated TFT LCD controller and 2D drawing engine that can take full advantage of the kit's WQVGA LCD screen. Security for IoT applications is assisted by Trusted Secure IP, integrated security hardware IP that offers a cryptography engine for AES, RSA, ECC, and secure key management to protect keys and IDs. The RX72N also features integrated Ethernet controllers and various serial interfaces for wireless connectivity.

emWin middleware from Segger is embedded in the kit to support its GUI software package, along with two demonstration applications based on FreeRTOS from AWS.

"The RX72N Envision Kit is a huge step forward for embedded engineers developing IoT applications that are GUI-driven," commented Andrew Hallworth, Portfolio Manager at RS. "Not only does it provide the hardware platform needed for application development, but it also raises the level of abstraction for software development, making it simpler to develop GUIs and HMIs for deployment across the IoT."

The RX72N Envision Kit also integrates high-efficiency DC/DC converters, a D2Audio IC, stereo MEMS microphone and an LCD backlight driver with light sensor. Connectivity is provided through Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It features an E2 Lite emulator. The RX72N MCU is running two applications through its 4MB dual bank flash memory. It has 1MB of SRAM, a microSD card interface and PMOD connectors.

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