Rugged universal 16-bit MCU series with integrated security

March 13, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Rugged universal 16-bit MCU series with integrated security
LAPIS Semiconductor, part of the ROHM Group, announces the ML62Q1300/1500/1700, a series of universal microcontrollers (MCUs) with 16-bit CPU core. The new MCUs are ideal for consumer products, household appliances, alarms, security applications and small industrial installations.

Microcontrollers used in the fast-growing household appliance and small industrial equipment markets require a variety of package types and program storage capacities. This enables them to meet the ever-changing needs of applications that are gradually adding new features and functionality while delivering higher performance. As many of these devices are in daily use, safety is an increasingly important issue. MCUs that form the core of these devices must therefore have security features that can control the system under all conditions.

In response, LAPIS Semiconductor's ML62Q1300/1500/1700 MCUs, which are insensitive to interference, offer numerous security features. These comply with 13 standards of the IEC60730 directive for the protection of household appliances, including a self-diagnostic function to detect internal faults. This allows systems to be protected from unexpected situations. These can occur both in MCUs used in increasingly demanding consumer electronics and in compact industrial equipment that requires stable operation even under harsh conditions with extreme noise and high temperatures.

The portfolio consists of 120 models with different housing types and program memory capacities and thus supports a wide range of applications. Starter kits are also available to facilitate evaluation of LCD operation and capacitive circuitry at the application level. A reference board allows the user to develop customized application programs.

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