Rugged HPEC enables AI-based analytics for transport

June 10, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Rugged HPEC enables AI-based analytics for transport
Fanless and automotive-certified, the DynaCOR 40-36 enables faster processing of data and the application of AI models, allowing machine and deep learning at the edge and over 5G networks.

Eurotech has launched a high performance edge computing system (HPEC) for the transport industry to enable the deployment of advanced AI-based analytics capabilities at the edge. The DynaCOR 40-36 is fanless and uses liquid cooling capabilities, making it suitable for the harshest of transportation environments.

With up to 10240 CUDA cores and 1280 Tensor cores, the DynaCOR 40-36 delivers up to 237 TFLOPS for deep learning precision (up to 29.6 TFLOPS for single precision and up to 14.8 TFLOPS for double precision), enabling the training of AI models to happen at the edge rather than in a data centre or cloud. This reduces latency and enables real-time responses, making it ideal for monitoring, inference, training, and general purpose GPU-accelerated workloads on vehicles and at the edge.

Moreover, the combination of high-performance computing, data logging and networking performance enables the DynaCOR 40-36 to support low-latency 5G network applications.

With an automotive grade power supply (24 VDC or 12 and 48 VDC factory option), and certifications for automotive and heavy-duty use cases (ISO 16750-2, EN60068-2-27) the DynaCOR 40-36 is suitable for operation under the most demanding conditions, including extreme operating temperature. Thanks to liquid cooling, the system is largely decoupled from environmental temperature and can be installed in recesses with little or no ventilation.

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