RTC module features I2C interface and temperature compensation

November 23, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
The RV-3032-C7 Real-Time Clock (RTC) module from Micro Crystal
The RV-3032-C7 Real-Time Clock (RTC) module from Micro Crystal claims the world’s best time accuracy across industrial temperature range at ultra-low current consumption.

The compact RTC Module from the Swiss developer, part of the Swatch group, has an accuracy of ±0.26 s/day across an operating temperature of -40° to 85°C with a current consumption of 160 nA at 3V in timekeeping mode and power management capabilities including an I 2C bus interface. The factory calibrated temperature compensation is accurate to ±1.5 ppm from 0° to +50°C.

The module uses a custom IC and integrated quartz crystal resonator in a package that is half of the footprint of a uSOP-8 package with no additional external components required. This includes supply voltage drop detection at 1.2 V with interrupt tamper detection as well as programmable password protection against hacking.

There is a programmable clock output for peripheral devices via I2C with crystal modes of 32.768 kHz, 1024 Hz, 64 Hz and 1 Hz as well as a high frequency clock mode at 8192 Hz for 52 MHz with 8192 Hz steps and guaranteed output signal integrity.

The RV-3032-C7 is aimed at applications requiring always-on timekeeping functions, with compliance to stringent clock accuracy over time, wide temperature range, and long battery life. It has been designed with smart metering and other similar industrial or consumer applications, such as wearables and IoT, in mind.

The wide supply voltage range of 1.2 to 5.5V, automatic backup switch, versatile charge pump, and programmable trickle charger allows the module to be coupled with a small sized, low capacity, rechargeable battery, or a low cost coin cell power unit such as the 1.75V TDK CeraCharge. This reduces the overall dimensions and the manufacturing cost of the end product while optimizing the life of the battery.

“The new RV-3032-C7 Real-Time Clock Module, which includes our state of the art quartz-based DTCXO, is the most innovative, benchmark setting device amongst Micro Crystal’s product line. The RV-3032-C7 sets new world standards in regard to accuracy across temperature, low power, and smallest sized package,”

The RV-3032-C7 Real-Time Clock (RTC) module from Micro Crystal

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