RS adds combined desktop 3D printer, CNC router and cutter/engraver

January 23, 2019 //By Ally Winning
RS adds combined desktop 3D printer, CNC router and cutter/engraver
RS Components will now stock ZMorph’s multi-tool 3D printer, which offers three different fabrication methods: FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D printer; CNC router; and laser cutter and engraver.

The ZMorph VX comes either as a 3D printing set, upgradeable at any time with additional interchangeable toolheads for extrusion, CNC milling and laser engraving, or as a full set including all toolheads and accessories.

The main printer unit has a rugged aluminium body with fully enclosed electronics, a flat borosilicate 3D print worktable, a reinforced x-axis carriage and an LCD touchscreen. A fully automatic calibration system provides ease of use.

The 3D printing set features a 1.75 mm single plastic extruder with a 0.3 mm nozzle (nozzle sizes of 0.2 and 0.4 mm available separately), a heated worktable for 3D printing, a cooling fan, and a starter pack of fixative and PLA filament material. A range of plastics can be used for 3D printing, including ABS and its derivatives, PVA, PET, ASA, nylon, high-impact polystyrene, TPU, and some thermochromic and flexible plastics.

An optional dual extruder toolhead allows models to be created using two different materials at the same time. An interchangeable “hot end” mixer nozzle blends different coloured materials in varying proportions during extrusion, allowing colour gradients and graded colour variations.

The CNC PRO toolhead converts the VX into a desktop CNC milling and engraving machine, for use with wood, polycarbonate, carbon fibre plates, HDPE, acrylic glass, machining wax, modelling board, Dibond-like composites, copper laminates for PCBs, POM acetal and PVC foam. The 3D print table can be swapped out for a sturdy aluminium CNC worktable with pre-set holes to provide a flat, stable surface and easy clamping.

The Laser PRO toolhead can engrave and/or cut wood, leather, copper laminate, paper, cardboard, felt and thin gaskets.

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