RS-485 transceivers double data rates, extend available cable length

November 17, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
RS-485 transceivers double data rates, extend available cable length
Maxim Integrated has added the MAX22500E/1E/2E RS-485 transceiver series, designed for high performance, robust communications, and small size; they offer twice the data rates of prior products and up to 50% extended cable length for motion control and other industrial applications

The MAX22500E/MAX22501E (half-duplex) and MAX22502E (full-duplex) ESD-protected RS-485/RS-422 transceivers extend the reach of communication up to 100 Mbps over 50m (or 50 Mbps over 100m). This provides the fastest data rates available for accurate, cost-effective, and robust communication across long cables for a variety of motion control applications. The settable pre-emphasis feature within the MAX22500E and MAX22502E enables doubling of the data rates compared to competitive solutions for increased encoder resolution and reduced latency. Pre-emphasis extends cables up to 50% longer to communicate over longer distances. A large receiver hysteresis (250 mV) provides superior robustness to EFT. By improving the signal integrity and robustness, system designers can achieve the same level of performance with lower-cost cables. The transceivers operate over the -40 to +125C temperature range and feature flexible low voltage logic supply interface down to 1.6V. They come in small 8-, 10-, and 12-pin TDFN packages.


MAX22500E in a 10-pin TDFN (3 x 3 mm) package is $3.51; MAX22501E in an 8-pin TDFN (3 x 3 mm) package is $1.79; MAX22502E in a 12-pin TDFN (3 x 3mm) package is $3.94 (all @ 1000); and the MAX22500EEVKIT#, MAX22501EEVKIT#, and MAX22502EEVKIT# evaluation kits are each available for $95.


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