Revolutionary film capacitors slash weight and size

November 15, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Revolutionary film capacitors slash weight and size b
Revolutionary MML™ ultra-high energy density film capacitors save both space and weight while lowering components count.

Exxelia has introduced Miniature Micro-Layer™ (MML™) film capacitors, a breakthrough technology that allows significant size and weight reduction thanks to an unrivaled energy density.

MML™ is a revolutionary new technology that provides the highest capacitance per volume in film capacitors available on the market. It delivers an unparalleled energy density of 400 J/dm3 allowing for a tremendous reduction in size and weight compared to traditional Polypropylene or Polyester dielectrics, together with an increased operating temperature up to 140°C and transient voltage protection.

Further, MML™ capacitors offer high design flexibility, easily enabling low profile configurations.

Several studies have been conducted on actual cases of control and DC-link functions for aircraft applications. All have shown about 50% reduction in size and weight compared to other film technologies.

The comparative picture with MLCC is even more flattering, as it demonstrates between 70% to 90% reduction in weight, while showing no capacitance derating with voltage applied and a low drift of under 5% through the temperature range. Applications using clusters of stacked MLCCs can now be replaced by a single MML™ unit of similar size, with all of the increased reliability that film dielectric offers.

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