Renesas enters the IP licensing market

September 20, 2018 // By Peter Clarke
Renesas Electronics Corp. has said is expanding access to its technologies and circuits including microcontroller cores through a program of IP licensing and it wants to make that a significant part of its business in years to come.

Renesas is offering a first batch of more than 40 licenses, including RX and SH CPU cores, timer IP for motor applications, USB cores, analog IP and SRAM. More licenses will be offered in future in response to demand. Renesas will provide technical support to help integrate these cores based on its expertise as a semiconductor manufacturer.

Previously, Renesas licensed IP assets only to select customers. Now Renesas is entering the IP licensing market fully and aims to achieve 10 billion yen (about $900 million) in annual sales in 2025. For comparison Renesas had annual sales of 781.5 billion yen (about $7 billion) in 2017.

Renesas said it intends to capture market share and grow the overall IP market by offering customers the ability to customize their IP, as well as by licensing existing IP assets.

The company said that engineers developing SoCs and custom chips for artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles and robots would be among customers that could benefit from Renesas IP blocks allowing them to focus on developing competitive IP assets such as machine learning blocks.  Similarly customers using FPGAs for early development would benefit from proven Renesas IP to speed software development.

"As a leading global semiconductor supplier with deep manufacturing expertise, Renesas brings its unique perspective to the IP market with a broad portfolio of semiconductor IP assets," said Hiroyuki Kondo, vice president of shared R&D at Renesas, in a statement .

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