Renesas and OpenSynergy chosen for safe multi-display cockpit

September 12, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Renesas and OpenSynergy chosen for safe multi-display cockpit
Parrot Faurecia’s automotive safe multi-display cockpit will be based around Renesas’ R-Car H3 SoC and OpenSynergy’s COQOS Hypervisor SDK.

The COQOS Hypervisor runs the instrument cluster functionality, including safety-relevant display elements based on Linux, as well as Android-based in-vehicle infotainment on one R-Car H3 SoC chip. The COQOS Hypervisor SDK shares the R-Car H3 GPU with Android and Linux allowing applications to be presented on multiple displays.

The functions of the R-Car H3 GPU and video/audio IP make virtualization by the hypervisor possible and allow multiple OSs to operate independently and safely. COQOS Hypervisor SDK is built around a safe and efficient hypervisor that can run software from multipurpose OSs such as Linux or Android, RTOS and AUTOSAR-compliant software simultaneously on one SoC.

The instrument cluster functionality is rendered by Linux, which does not give the required safety (ASIL) level by itself. OpenSynergy has developed the Safe IC Guard to run on a separate guest OS and verifies that safety-relevant information is displayed correctly. IVI functionality runs on an OS based on Android. The COQOS Hypervisor SDK has been pre-integrated and tested with the newest versions of Android, including Android P.

The IVI application running on Android and the instrument cluster running on Linux can share the same display. A screen manager controls display within the instrument cluster so that image content does not obscure safety critical information. The COQOS Hypervisor SDK also includes an AUTOSAR-compliant CAN gateway running on the Arm Cortex-R7core on the Renesas R-Car H3.

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