Raspberry Pi gets voltage measurement DAQ HAT

August 27, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
Raspberry Pi gets voltage measurement DAQ HAT
Measurement Computing (Norton, MA) has developed a voltage measurement add on board, or HAT (Hardware Attached on Top), for the Raspberry Pi low-cost single-board computer.

The MCC 118 provides eight single-ended analog inputs with sample rates up to 100 kS/s per for taking single point or waveform voltage measurements. Up to eight MCC HATs can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi providing up to 64 channels of data and a maximum throughput of 320 kS/s.

MCC data acquisition (DAQ) HATs are validated designs, shortening time-to-market and reduce support costs associated with using non-validated designs. The open-source MCC DAQ HAT Library of commands in C/C++ and Python allows users to develop applications on Linux and the library is available to download from GitHub. Comprehensive API and hardware documentation is also provided.

The MCC 118 is the first in a series of DAQ HATs, with more boards scheduled for release starting later in 2018.


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