Prevent data loss between device and server

May 13, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Prevent data loss between device and server
The latest iteration of McObject’s eXtremeDB IoT SDK features an Active Replication Fabric (ARF) feature to prevent data loss.

The new system helps to nullify many IoT application needs, such as staging data during network malfunctions or outages, encryption of data at rest and in flight, support for time series data, and multi-tier replication (edge-gateway-server).

eXtremeDB’s IoT SDK solution can stage data when, for example, a network connection between a device and a server is lost. When the connection is re-established, the system then uploads relevant historical data to the network. Other database solutions on the market either require the writing of replication code, or mandating the system continue to try to transmit messages despite the outage.

The new iteration of McObject’s system runs on the device, gateway and/or server, a bundled setup which means that the software is not running in just one location. By eliminating the need to piece together individual components of the platform, this latest innovation represents a ‘one-stop shop’ for companies looking for performance, security and convenience.

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