Precision measurement ICs double battery life: Page 2 of 2

February 23, 2021 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Precision measurement ICs double battery life
Three ICs achieve robust protection and highest accuracy for battery powered IoT, industrial and healthcare applications.

Key advantages include extended battery life, high accuracy and robust protection. The MAX40108 precision operational amplifier doubles sensor battery life with 0.9V operation compared to the closest competitive offering at 1.8V. In battery-operated industrial sensors, the MAX41400 extends battery life from existing 7.4 hours to 11.5 hours compared to the closest competitive offering.

The MAX31343 provides the highest accuracy timing, guaranteeing <3min deviation per year. It enhances sensor system accuracy by up to two effective bits with a combination of low offset, low noise and integrated programmable gain.

Along with its nanoPower and high accuracy features, the MAX31343 also provides shock resistance of >2900G and vibration resistance of >50G. Maxim Integrated is the only RTC supplier offering this level of robust protection in the market.

“The growth of industrial and healthcare IoT applications is driving a growing need for enhanced battery life management and accuracy of measurement to support reduction of power consumption and availability of devices,” said Adam Davidson, analyst at Omdia.

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