PMIC halves size while extending battery life for wearables

April 08, 2020 //By Ally Winning
Maxim’s MAX77654 PMIC uses single inductor, multiple output (SIMO) technology to cut solution size by half, reduce BoM and extend battery life by 20%.
This next-generation device offers 3 outputs using a single inductor at 91% efficiency, up to 16% greater than traditional 4-chip systems.

The MAX77654 SIMO PMIC replaces 3 buck-boost converters and 3 inductors with a single converter and a single inductor. It also replaces 2 LDOs/load-switches, a battery charger and passives to provide a 50% smaller solution. The greater efficiency of the solution brings a 20% longer battery life. The 500nA shutdown current and 6µA supply current with 5 regulators operating, allows more functions to be added to low-power devices. Better efficiency also yields lower heat dissipation, reducing system board temperature by over 20 degrees Celsius compared to an alternative single inductor system power solution. The SIMO PMIC also provides output voltage ripple of under 20mVp-p.

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