Percepio and Lauterbach collaborate on faster debugging

April 13, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Percepio and Lauterbach collaborate on faster debugging
Live streaming into Tracealyzer available for Arm® Cortex-M® devices with the aim of full integration of hardware trace data by end of year.

Percepio®, a leader in visual trace diagnostics for embedded systems, and Lauterbach, a leading supplier of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools, have agreed to team up to deliver faster debugging through closer integration between Percepio Tracealyzer® and Lauterbach’s series of TRACE32® high-end tracing tools.

The first result of this collaborative effort is an integration that allows Lauterbach users on Arm Cortex-M microprocessors to live stream software trace data into Percepio Tracealyzer, providing visual trace diagnostics for accelerated debugging and verification. This is described in a recent application note from Percepio and leverages the Percepio trace recorder library, supporting operating systems such as FreeRTOS and SAFERTOS®.

According to Norbert Weiss, Managing Director of Lauterbach GmbH, the collaboration with Percepio gives customers the benefit of using the non-intrusive high-speed tracing capabilities of TRACE32 in combination with the in-detail trace analysis of Tracealyzer. Bugs and defects that are difficult to detect, such as race conditions or sporadic timing issues, are easier to find.

“We see tremendous potential in using high-end tracing such as the Lauterbach TRACE32 and µTrace together with the advanced visualization in Percepio Tracealyzer. Our Lauterbach integration allows Tracealyzer users to record runtime data at unprecedented speeds using the Lauterbach µTrace for Arm Cortex-M,” said Johan Kraft, CEO, Percepio. “It also allows existing Lauterbach users to achieve a new level of insight with Tracealyzer. The next step is to leverage hardware trace data in Tracealyzer to show more detailed information. We have a working solution in development, and we have been collaborating with Lauterbach on that for some time now.”

Ultimately, the goal is to enable all Lauterbach customers to use visual trace diagnostics with Percepio Tracealyzer based on hardware trace data. The two companies already have joint customers asking for this capability and expect to announce further products during the second half of 2021.

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