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November 16, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Google sponsors open source manufacturing of custom ASICs
Technology foundry SkyWater Technology and custom semiconductor crowdsourcing platform Efabless have announced a partnership with tech giant Google to enable open source manufacturing of custom ASICs.
of experts who can openly collaborate to create and verify ASICs and supporting IP. The open source model multiplies the collaboration in semiconductor chip design. And this is just the start. Over time we expect to see advanced (and high quality) designs coming from the open source community."

John Kent, SkyWater executive vice president of technology development and design enablement says, "We expect the new open source foundry PDK to serve as an excellent enablement engine for generating re-usable IP which will amplify idea generation and feed product development that is ongoing in the IoT and industrial space."

More details about the design submission process and requirements can be found at or For more on the initiative, see a series of talks produced by the FOSSi (Free and Open Source Silicon) Foundation including presentations by Google and Efabless.


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