Panther board brings pattern matching to IoT

May 09, 2017 //By Julien Happich
Panther board brings pattern matching to IoT
Arrow Electronics has extended its range of IoT development boards with the addition of SmartEverything Panther, a board that enables users to quickly add pattern recognition capabilities to their products to allow them to recognise gestures, sound and vibration patterns and then to simply link them to the cloud via Wi-Fi for monitoring and control purposes.

martEverything boards are based on the Arduino form factor and incorporate a variety of I/O interfaces and sensors together with wireless connectivity. The Panther board is specifically intended to speed up the development of IoT applications based on Intel Pattern Matching Technology. Its base board features an Intel Quark SE C1000 MCU sensing engine with 8Mbyte Winbond flash memory and a Linear Technology battery management chip. A Cypress Bluetooth LE module allows interface setting and firmware upgrade and a Microchip Wi-Fi solution provides access to the Internet. Security is delivered through Microchip’s crypto authentication.

A companion shield for the base board contains an array of sensor functions including gesture sensor (Silicon Labs), temperature/humidity/pressure sensor (Bosch), digital microphone (ST Microelectronics), and gyroscope and accelerometer (Analog Devices).

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