Open-source Android app for fast IoT prototyping on smartphones

May 27, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Open-source Android app for fast IoT prototyping on smartphones
Relayr is an IoT-focussed company based in Berlin; it has previously produced quick-start IoT development tools in hardware and in software. Now, it has developed Proto-IoT, an app to run on an Android smartphone, or other Android device; Proto IoT is a mobile application which enables a phone to become the hardware behind an IoT project.

Proto IoT can:

- Access sensor data easily and securely from anywhere with an internet connection.

- Add interactions and rules on top of sensors’ data to trigger actions on separate devices through the mobile app or relayr dashboard.

- Build and demonstrate IoT prototype solutions quickly, with just a smartphone.


The Internet of Things, Relayr says, can be difficult to understand and execute as it requires knowledge of hardware, firmware, and client- and backend-software, which led Relayr to develop this open-source solution that cuts down development time in the hardware/firmware prototyping stages.


It gives you access to the phone’s sensors and it provides real-time data visualization, cloud connection, end-to-end delivery, and if-this-then-that rules and interactions. Additionally, a free developer dashboard monitors your IoT devices from any web browser.


The company comments, “Proto IoT is the fastest way to get started in the IoT world. Stop talking about the Internet of Things and start building your solution now.”


We've put together a Proto IoT Guide to help you get going. The Guide page is here;


A video clip with guidance is here.





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