Op amps achieve breakthrough noise immunity

August 17, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Op amps achieve breakthrough noise immunity
Improves reliability and reduces design production-hours in a wide range of applications, including anomaly detection systems.

ROHM developed the BD8758xY series (BD87581YG-C, BD87582YFVM-C) of rail-to-rail input/output high-speed CMOS op amps. The devices feature an improved EMI immunity for automotive and industrial equipment applications requiring high-speed sensing in harsh environments, such as vehicle engine control units and anomaly detection systems for factory automation equipment.

Figure 1: BD87581YG-C, BD87582YFVM-C of rail-to-rail input/output high-speed CMOS op amps.

In recent years, advancements in electrification and mounting density have increased the amount of environmental noise in electric vehicles and cars equipped with ADAS. Generally, however, it is extremely difficult to carry out noise evaluation on individual boards and systems during automotive development. Therefore, it has to be performed after assembly. Moreover, some results require improvements such as large-scale EMI countermeasures to lower noise.

In response, ROHM released the EMARMOUR™ series in 2017 that have since been well received in the automotive and industrial markets due to their superior noise immunity that reduces design resources required by combining a vertically integrated production system with proprietary analog design technology.

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