NFC wireless charging reference design

August 24, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
NFC wireless charging reference design
Based on the PTX100W NFC wireless charging controller, the reference design can supply as much as 1-W to the battery – twice the power capability of the next best competing product.

Panthronics AG, a fabless semiconductor company, has announced the release of a reference design for a complete NFC wireless charging system based on its ground-breaking PTX100W NFC wireless charging controller.

By using the reference design, manufacturers of portable and wearable devices such as earbuds, smart watches, activity monitoring wristbands and smart glasses can quickly and easily implement the hardware and software for an NFC wireless charging system including both the PTX100W-based poller (charging station) and the listener (device), which features a standard NFC tag (see block diagram).

This means that OEMs which are building NFC wireless charging capability into new product designs can easily take advantage of the superior performance and features of the PTX100W, including:

  • 1-W received power at the listener, twice that of the nearest competitor, to give faster and more convenient battery charging.
  • High tolerance of antenna displacement, giving great design flexibility and consistent high charging performance.
  • Simple antenna matching circuitry to allow for optimal Transmit/Receive antenna matching with little development effort.

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