NFC based verification for digital IDs

June 03, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
NFC based verification for digital IDs
Platform provider enriches IDnow AutoIdent with NFC technology to create even better user experience supporting all ICAO 9303 ID documents globally.

IDnow, a German based leader in platform-as-a-service identity verification, has announced the implementation of NFC (Near Field Communication) reading capability into IDnow AutoIdent. This will offer users an even smoother and quicker verification process. 

The new solution will support all identification documents globally that follow the ICAO 9303 standard like ePassports and NFC supported ID cards. All the user needs are an ID card with a RFID chip (radio-frequency identification) as well as an NFC-enabled smartphone. The IDnow App recognizes the availability of an RFID chip, reads the personal data and biometric information (photo) that is contained on the chip with integrated privacy protection and compares the biometric information retrieved from the chip to a video selfie and a liveness check.

IDnow has seen that users increasingly value quick and easy identification and appreciate the freedom of choice when selecting their identification method. Different user groups prefer different methods, and businesses  can see large increases in their conversion rates if they offer users a choice. Therefore, IDnow offers a comprehensive platform, that includes identification methods from offline to online, from automated methods to procedures carried out by identity specialists, available flexibly online, offline in branches and even by a courier at the user's doorstep.

"The NFC capability for our AutoIdent product is a significant step in order to further augment our platform and create a smooth user journey for everyone. Our customers value this freedom of choice for their user and see high conversion rates with seamless, easy processes", says Vikas Seth, CPO at IDnow. "Through the application of NFC-based RFID chip read out in the IDnow AutoIdent product, you don't need to compromise, but get the best of both worlds - a high level of security and a convenient onboarding process at high speed", he adds. 

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