New FPGA provides hardware root-of-trust capabilities

May 21, 2019 // By Ally Winning
New FPGA provides hardware root-of-trust capabilities
Lattice Semiconductor launched the MachXO3D FPGA to simplify the implementation of hardware-based security for system components.

MachXO3D is able to protect, detect and recover itself and other components from unauthorised firmware access at every stage of a system’s lifecycle. For system control functions, MachXO3 FPGA devices are usually the “first-on/last-off” component on PCBs. The integration of security and system control functions allows the MachXO3D to become the first link in a chain of trust that protects entire systems.

MachXO3D eases the device configuration and programming steps in the manufacturing process. These enhancements, in combination with MachXO3D’s security features, protect systems by securing communication between the MachXO3D and legitimate firmware providers. This protection stays in effect throughout the component’s entire lifecycle.

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