Neutrinovoltaic electricity could power battery-free IoT

January 07, 2021 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Neutrinovoltaic electricity could power battery-free IoT
Neutrinovoltaic electricity already can power low-load sensors and LEDs and in the future aim to eliminate batteries and conventional AC power sources.

Since 2015, scientists have known that neutrinos possess mass, and in 2017, experimental researchers proved that this mass can be converted into electricity. Currently capable of powering low-load devices, such as sensors and LEDs, neutrinovoltaic electricity will soon power devices of all shapes and sizes.

Bridging the gap between the limited capacity of neutrino power and the demand of modern electronic devices will be accomplished with the help of intelligent power management. Devices that require less electricity will be the best-served by neutrinovoltaic electricity, and in time, neutrino energy will entirely eliminate the need for batteries and conventional AC power sources.

Not only is ample electricity increasingly vital to the continuation of human civilization, but our electronic devices are becoming more numerous and complex. While electronics become more energy-efficient every year, they're also tasked with increasingly intensive tasks.

Doorbells are now surveillance cameras as well as musical chimes that inform you when visitors arrive. Vacuum cleaners are now self-determining robots that map your home. Thermostats now think while they heat.

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