NB-IoT network from Verizon covers 92% US population

May 20, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Verizon launches NB-IoT network nationwide
Telecom company Verizon (New York, NY) has announced that it has launched its Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network nationwide, covering more than 92% of the US population.

The launch of this additional IoT connectivity option, says the company, in combination with its ThingSpace management platform, APIs, tools, and ecosystem of partners will provide enterprise customers with the ability to bring unique NB-IoT solutions to market quickly.

"There is a whole universe of smart solutions needing scalable and affordable connections," says Jeffrey Dietel, Senior Vice President of Business Marketing and Products at Verizon. "By launching our NB-IoT network, Verizon is taking yet another step in making that connectivity available and driving innovation in the IoT field."

The NB-IoT network provides the ability to manage both IP and non-IP data traffic, with the latter allowing for the creation of much simpler and more cost-effective IoT devices - ideal for solutions that aren't designed to be always mobile such as alarm panels, environmental sensors, industrial appliances, factory equipment, and parking meters.

Other ideal use cases for NB-IoT cited by the company include:

  • Smart cities – improve citizen experience and municipal operations through parking sensors, waste management and smart lighting.
  • Smart buildings – enhance building safety and incident response times through connected smoke detectors including regular auto-test, battery check and real-time alerts to the relevant parties in case of fire.
  • Industrial – improved machinery maintenance cycles and factory safety through machinery control such as equipment status, factory control, and process and safety monitoring.
  • Environment monitoring – increase focus on environmental responsibility through status reporting of manhole covers, fire hydrants and chemical emission levels.
  • Agricultural – improve efficiency in the agricultural industry with livestock tracker, connected greenhouse, stationary tracking and monitoring of air quality, humidity, moisture, temperature, and weather conditions of air and soil.
  • Asset Tracking – improve efficiency and decrease costs by using pallet tracking and geo-fencing.
  • Utilities – improve efficiency and decrease waste by using gas and water metering, including smart meter consumption tracking and pipeline monitoring.

Verizon has partnered with leading chipset and module manufacturers so that IoT makers

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