NASA’s Mission Control for your IoT devices

January 09, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga
NASA’s Mission Control for your IoT devices
Open MCT is a next-generation mission operations data visualisation framework.

Open MCT (Mission Control Technologies) is a next-generation mission control framework for visualisation of data on desktop and mobile devices. It is being used by NASA for data analysis of spacecraft missions, as well as planning and operation of experimental rover systems. As a generalisable and open source framework, Open MCT could be used as the basis for building applications for planning, operation, and analysis of any systems producing telemetry data.

Open MCT is designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of mission control systems. At NASA, the requirements for Open MCT are being driven by a need to support distributed operations, access to data anywhere, data visualisation for spacecraft analysis that spans multiple data sources, and flexible reconfiguration to support multiple missions and operator use cases. Open MCT brings together many of the functions of mission operations, alleviating the need for operators to switch between different applications to view all necessary data.

Open MCT was originally developed as a desktop application for the mission control center at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Today, Open MCT has moved to the web in order to better support distributed spacecraft operations across multiple locations. NASA has two deployments built on the Open MCT platform: WARP and VISTA. 

Open MCT could be adapted for applications as diverse as:

  • Monitoring of IOT devices
  • Drones
  • Cubesats
  • Robotics
  • High altitude balloons
  • Electronic health monitoring
  • Computer and network performance monitoring
  • Enterprise data visualisation
  • Process control monitoring

A live demo of the software can be found here:

More information:

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