Micropower sensor signal processing, analog-front-end IC, in distribution

September 21, 2017 //By Graham Prophet
Micropower sensor signal processing, analog-front-end IC, in distribution
Distributor Rutronik now has the NJU9101 analogue front end chip from from New Japan Radio (JRC); the device has been specifically designed for portable measurement equipment and for use in micro-power sensing applications, especially electrochemical sensors.

Two measurement inputs, potentiostat and auxiliary, enable a broad range of measurement in portable devices. Using 3-bit chip address function the AFE chip can detect up to seven different types of electrochemical gases by only one sensor. It is equipped with an I 2C interface


The NJU9101 provides a complete signal processing solution between sensor and micro-processor as smart-sensor module. It integrates a sensor diagnostic function. The NJU9101 operates over voltage ranges of 2.4V to 3.6V. Its total average current consumption can be less than 5 μA. In stand-by mode, the current consumption is 0.5 μA to ensure a long battery life. Precision, low noise operational amplifiers inside NJU9101 and the high precision delta-sigma 16bit A/D converter are designed to consume minimum power. This high resolution ADC has a programmable gain of 1V/V to 8V/V, 16-bit resolution and a sample rate of 32 sample/sec (sps) to 2 ksps. The built-in operational amplifiers are immune to high levels of RF noise from, for example, GSM, 3G, Bluetooth, or W-LAN. The operating temperature is between -40°C to +85°C. It comes in a small package, EQFN-24-LE (4mm x 4mm).


Suggested uses include gas monitors, blood glucose meters, current sensing systems, low power systems and photodiode sensing systems.


Rutronik; www.rutronik24.com/product/njrc/nju9101mle-te1/8249827.html



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