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January 30, 2019 //By Julien Happich
A magnetically levitated hammer for customizable haptics
Santa Clara-based startup Nanoport announced it is now ready for the commercialization of a novel type of haptic actuators, whose feel and characteristics can be fully customized, both through software and hardware.

From a vast library of effects, the 34mm-long 15mm-diameter TacHammer can produce: sharp haptics such as snaps, jolts, and clicks that mimic the sensation of a physical button press; soft magnetically dampened impulses to emulate pulses, taps, and bumps; and plain vibrations ranging from a light wobble to intense vibrations. The device respond to simple drive signals, LRA signals, and audio signals for broad compatibility.

Discussing energy efficiency, which is a serious constraint in mobiles, Skippon emphasized that since there is no spring in the design, the actuator is extremely energy efficient, with a non-linear force curve. ”When we energize the coil, all the energy is translated into linear motion, there is no force to counter. We achieve an order of magnitude more g’s per watt than other haptics” Skippon said. Operating from 5V, the specs on Nanoport’s website indicate the device draws an RMS current of 56.0mA at peak g.

Although it has raised 10 million dollars so far, the startup is still looking for partners strategically aligned with its IP offering, striving to expand its hardware offering to enable more immersive content and novel user interfaces.

Nanoport Technology Inc. - https://nanoport.io/

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