Magnetic sensor ICs prolong battery life and improve system efficiency

December 06, 2018 // By Ally Winning
Allegro MicroSystems’ new family of Micropower Hall-effect switch ICs are intended for battery powered applications in harsh environments.

The devices have automatic power to enable average supply current down to 6µA while operating directly from a vehicle battery or other unregulated supply. The power management is transparent to the host system, allowing them to be used as a drop-in upgrade for existing Hall-effect switches or a solid-state replacement for mechanical microswitches or reed switches.

The APS11700 and APS11760 have either a standard Hall plate or a vertical Hall plate, a small-signal amplifier, chopper stabilisation, a Schmitt trigger, automatic power management controller, and an NMOS output transistor. The APS11700 features a standard planar Hall-effect sensing element, while the APS11760 implements AVHT technology in the form of a silicon-based vertical Hall-effect sensing element.

The two devices are preconfigured with the customer’s choice of magnetic sensitivity, thresholds, and polarity; there is also a choice of active-high or active-low output. The ICs are qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 0 and compliant with ISO 26262:2011 ASIL A when properly applied. They can tolerate up to 40V and junction temperature up to 165°C. They are also internally protected against overvoltage, reverse-battery, load-dump, output short-circuits, human-body-model ESD up to ±11kV, and other EMC conditions.

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