Low-power mixed-signal image signal processor is ideal for endoscopy

June 12, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Low-power mixed-signal image signal processor is ideal for endoscopy
OmniVision Technologies has released a mixed-signal image signal processor (ISP) dubbed the OVMed, designed for medical, veterinarian and industrial endoscopy applications.

The OVMed ISP system offers industry-leading image signal processing with a short system delay of less than 100ms, enabling instantaneous image capture and display even when connected via Wi-Fi. With power consumption at only 300 mA in active mode, it can run on a battery or via a USB power adaptor. The chip's video processing unit comes in two versions. The Mini version is compact enough to fit inside an endoscope handle, while the larger advanced version provides the highest image quality with more sophisticated features and can reside in the camera control unit. The OVMed ISP is available in multiple output formats and interfaces, depending on the desired application. The output can connect to an external display via USB or HDMI cables, or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Alternatively, the unit can interface with a microcontroller via a DVP port.

Endoscope designers can define configurable hardware buttons and LED indicators, based on their applications’ specific requirements. The included software development kit (SDK) runs on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, and features APIs with a C++ callable function library in binary DLL format. The SDK also provides demo programs that illustrate how to use the APIs. The optional Wi-Fi module can be controlled via the included application, using any iOS- or Android-based mobile device.

OmniVision Technologies - www.ovt.com

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