Low-power Bluetooth 5 SoCs promise batteryless IoT

November 01, 2018 //By Rich Pell
Low-power Bluetooth 5 SoCs promise batteryless IoT
Ultra-low-power wireless fabless semiconductor startup Atmosic Technologies (Saratoga, CA) has launched what it says are the industry's lowest power wireless Bluetooth 5 platforms for battery-free connected IoT.

The company's battery-free M2 and M3 series devices are designed to enable IoT devices to be "forever connected, anywhere," says the company.

"If you hate changing batteries, you’re going to like the technologies we're developing to help eliminate that problem," says John Hennessy, advisor to Atmosic and chairman of the Board of Alphabet. "The Atmosic team is applying its extensive wireless and low-power expertise to bring innovative radio and energy saving designs to market."

The company says it has developed three innovative technologies: Lowest Power Radio, On-demand Wake-up, and Controlled Energy Harvesting. With its first products, the company is using the Bluetooth 5 standards compliant platform to address challenges associated with installing and maintaining billions of IoT devices, such as beacons, controllers, remotes, and asset and fitness trackers.

"Starting from a clean slate, the Atmosic team has rebuilt every circuit block of the radio to dramatically reduce its power consumption, while maintain full compliance to the Bluetooth 5 standard," says David Su, CEO of Atmosic. "Our team has also created system-level advancements to further extend battery life."

The Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake-Up technologies are claimed to enable from 10 to 100 times lower power - reducing power use to such a low level that controlled energy harvesting is a viable power source for wireless connected devices. With the addition of Controlled Energy Harvesting, says the company, the solution can deliver "forever" battery life or battery-free operation.

The M2 Series Bluetooth 5 SoC features Lowest Power Radio delivering five to 10 times lower power; the addition of On-demand Wake-up reduces the power by 10 to 100 times. The M3 Series Bluetooth 5 SoC has the additional feature of Controlled Energy Harvesting to provide forever battery life or eliminate the need for battery power.

The M2 and M3 Series offer multiple application options for wearables, personal and asset trackers, beacons, remotes, keyboards, mice, and more. Packaging options include flash and

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