Location data sharing in need of a fundamental rethink

March 05, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Location data sharing in need of a fundamental rethink
The latest study from HERE Technologies has found that the public is increasingly concerned with the way companies are gathering and using location data.

Location data will become more important over time with the adoption of new technologies and services, such as drone deliveries and self-driving cars, but at the present time, only 20% of the public think they have control over that data. 44% of people have shared their location unintentionally, despite attempting to restrict access and 76% of people feel either stressed or vulnerable due to their location being shared, according to the study, which gathered the views of over 8,000 people from eight countries, as well as privacy experts.

The main reasons given for the lack of trust in the survey were that personal data was subject to insufficient controls and there was a little transparency from the companies collecting data. If companies could increase transparency and control, it would go a long way to reassure the public and pave the way for future services that rely on location data. 70% of respondents would grant access to location data if they knew why the data was needed and it was safely stored or deleted after use. Around the same number wished for more control over settings and access.

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